Care Instructions

To get the best out of your jewellery please ensure they are kept safe in a clean, dry, covered place. The cotton bags provided are ideal for keeping your earrings from breaking, scratching or tarnishing too quickly.


Your jewellery is built to last but it will require the correct care. To get the most out of your jewellery be careful not to sleep in it, get it wet or wear it during exercise. Try not to drop them or bend them. Please wait until after applying perfume, lotion, hairspray or any other product to wear your items.


Polymer clay-

Polymer clay is durable but not invincible. Should your pieces discolour or experience any stains you can use a tiny amount of acetone to clean them.


Gold Plated-

Gold plated jewellery must be cared for carefully so as to keep the gold plating in place.

Please keep your jewellery in the bags provided when not in use to avoid scratches.

No matter what other sources suggest do not use abrasive or metal polish on your metal components, this will wear away the gold coating and cause tarnishing.

Simply wipe with a soft cloth like the one provided. Should something stronger be needed to clean the gold, spray a small amount of window cleaner onto some kitchen towel and gently wipe clean.


If you have any issues with your jewellery during the first 6 months please don't hesitate to contact us and we will do our very best to help.

contact us if you require more information